General service £45

The general service is the most popular service! Your bike deserves this at least once a year, we aim to get the bike in the best working order possible, replacing any worn out, damaged or badly corroded parts where necessary. We will be looking at the headset, bottom bracket and wheel bearings for wear, brake pads and cables, chain rings, chain and cassette, and rims and tyres. They will be replaced if they are worn beyond an acceptable level. After the appropriate parts are replaced, the gears and brakes will be setup, wheels will have a light true, bearings adjusted, tyres inflated, chain lubricated, bolts torque checked. All bikes have a thorough test ride until we are happy!

The general service doesn’t include brake bleeding, fork and shock servicing or suspension bearing replacement. These are offered at extra cost.

Things sometimes settle down after a service, so any minor tweaks needed within 28 days from the service will be carried out at no extra cost.