We can do anything you want to your bike! Well, almost anything. If there is a very specialised service that we can’t offer direct, we know someone who can help.

The general service is the backbone of the workshop – this is the service your bike should have at least once a year to keep it in the best working order. We can offer a less involved service which we call the tune up. This is an interim service that is best suited to bikes that need a tweak between general services or just need a bit of a tidy up having laid dormant for a while.

Please see all the options below:

Wheel building £30

We specialise in building custom wheel sets to your exact specification. An individual wheel build is £30 plus parts, a pair is £50. If we are supplying all the parts we will usually give a price for the whole job, offering a considerable saving over the retail cost of the parts alone.

General service £45

The general service is the most popular service! Your bike deserves this at least once a year, we aim to get the bike in the best working order possible, replacing any worn out, damaged or badly corroded parts where necessary. We will be looking at the headset, bottom bracket and wheel bearings for wear, brake … Continue reading General service £45

Tune up £25

This is more suited to bikes that are used infrequently or just need a bit of a once over to ensure they are safe to ride. This is also suitable as an interim service between general services. We aim to get the bike in the best working order without replacing any parts. (We will bend … Continue reading Tune up £25

Boxed bike build £35

Did you buy your bike on the Internet and it arrived in a box part assembled? We can finish building it for you, set it up and make it safe to ride. For some more complicated bikes (triathlon and aero TT bikes for example) there may be a small surcharge as they take a little … Continue reading Boxed bike build £35

Full bike build £80

We can assemble bikes from component parts. It would give us great pleasure to assemble your dream bike! We’re quite happy working with modern electronic shifting, hydraulic brakes and even the most complex of aerodynamic time trial bikes. All bikes are thoroughly test ridden until we are happy!